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Average solar PV system prices for August 2015

Solar power system prices increased for almost all system size configurations in Tasmania and Sydney during August. In most other parts of Australia system prices remained steady. On average Tasmania had the highest prices and the lowest priced systems were in Perth.

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Solar Power Calculator

Some handy tools and information to help you work out what size solar system you need, how much roof space is required, how much power you could be generating in your location and links to a solar financial payback calculator.

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Solar Power Inverters

A solar inverter is a device that changes DC electrical current generated by solar panels into AC current which is more widely used by most common electrical appliances. The inverter is a vital part of a solar power system and even with the best solar panels installed the system will not output its full potential if the inverter is not functioning correctly.

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Solar Panel Maintenance

A solar power system will generally not need much attention when it comes to maintenance, however some simple care like solar panel cleaning and a visual inspection of the hardware once in a while is good practice to help keep your system operating trouble free.

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Solar Panel Prices & Comparison

Choosing the right solar panels for your system and at the right price is not always an easy task, especially when most of us have limited knowledge of electrical engineering. The world of solar PV has a lot of hi-tech science involved however with a little research you can get informed enough to make the right decision.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Installing a Solar hot water system is a good way to save on your electricity bill, especially in a country like Australia with a good all year round supply of sunlight.

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